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Junior Achievement South Africa Receives Top Marks

Junior Achievement South Africa (JASA) received a sterling report from a Stakeholder Reputation Survey conducted by Reputation Institute South Africa.  JASA provides engaging entrepreneurial programmes which foster confident, empowered young people who are possibility seekers and creators of opportunities.  Through these programmes JASA aims to contribute to meaningful economic participation by nurturing entrepreneurial thinking among young people.

Reputation Institute, the world’s leading reputation management consultancy, graciously offered JASA a complete Stakeholder Reputation Survey using its NGO Reptrak™ model at no cost.  The Reptrak™ model is Reputation Institutes proprietary model and can be used to measure how attractive organisations are to their stakeholders.

The study, completed between October and December 2012, canvassed individuals representing JASA’s four stakeholder groups; namely school leaders, funders (both current and potential), the Department of Education and JASA’s facilitators and agents, as JASA wished to gain an in-depth understanding of its key stakeholders.  These individuals were asked various questions relating to their emotional connection to JASA, their perception of JASA’s performance and their thoughts on how JASA engages with its stakeholders.  The surveys were completed telephonically during individual 20 minute interviews and the stakeholder’s anonymity was guaranteed throughout.

The results of the survey were resoundingly positive.  Of all of the questions asked during the survey, no negative response was recorded.  Some of the most notable results were:

  • Overall, Junior Achievement South Africa (JASA) has a solid reputation and is highly regarded by all its stakeholders. 87% of the respondents have a positive emotional connection to the organisation. None of the stakeholders have negative perceptions about JASA.
  •  100% of the stakeholders interviewed are willing to partner with Junior Achievement.
  •  “Programmes being relevant to the needs of society”, “Programmes making an impact” and “being a responsibly run organisation” are the top three performing attributes.  90% of the respondents overall have positive perceptions of these attributes.
  • Stakeholders’ perceptions of JASA’s good reputation are mainly established on the organisation’s programmes, which are impressive, impactful and life-changing.  JASA’s role in empowering the South African youth is also admired and revered. Furthermore, stakeholders believe that JASA is able to achieve a good reputation by virtue of their experience of JASA staff, particularly the Managing Director, behaving ethically at all times and keeping its promises.
  • All school leaders have positive perceptions of JASA “having programmes that have impact”, “treating stakeholders fairly”, “being a responsibly run organisation”, “having a good relationship with all its stakeholders”, “being a well-managed organisation” and “having credible leaders”.
  • JASA’s funders are all positive about the organisation’s “Programmes making a difference to society”, “Programmes being relevant to the needs of society” and “Programmes making an impact”.
  • The Department of Education is most supportive about “Partnering with JASA”.

Linda McClure, JASA Managing Director, was extremely pleased with the result. “As an NGO Junior Achievement South Africa’s good reputation amongst our stakeholders is extremely important.  Without it we would be unable to function efficiently. We would be unable to acquire funding or access to schools and learners, which would make the work we do virtually impossible.  I am extremely proud of the results we have achieved and we will strive to continue to manage our excellent reputation in future.”