JA South Africa Wins Forging Enterprises 2015 Small Business Pioneer Award

 CAPE TOWN, 28 May 2015 In its inaugural year, Osiba Management is leading the Forging Enterprises 2015; an award to support small business development. Junior Achievement South Africa (JA South Africa) is honoured to have been one of the award winners recognised as a foremost leader in spreading the message of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. To be considered a pioneer, the Adjudication Panel had to be satisfied that the recipient had played a recognisable pioneering role over the past 20 years, in the category in which they are awarded. JA South Africa was recognised in the Enterprise Education category.


Founded in 1979 in South Africa, multiple award winning JA South Africa facilitates experiential entrepreneurial, financial literacy and workplace readiness programmes to youth around the country, targeting in-school learners aged 10 to 18 and out-of-school-unemployed youth aged 18 to 35 from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and from lower income and depressed socio-economic circumstances. For the past 36 years, JA South Africa has been providing essential business, entrepreneurial and life skills to young people, across the country, in both rural and urban environments. The programmes encourage teamwork and leadership, with the flagship Mini Enterprise Programme requiring learners to start up and run a real small business while still in school. JA South Africa’s main achievements include:

  • Application of a unique methodology, applying a learning-by-doing approach, enabling learners to retain knowledge more effectively
  • Reaching a total of 400,000 young people across the country, with over 60% being girls and 99% of them Black
  • Being the foremost leader in spreading the message of entrepreneurship and financial literacy at a very critical stage in young people’s lives
  • Innovation in the development of the high school programme onto a digital platform, the new Digital Enterprise Programme and the Environmental Entrepreneurs Programme, a new primary school programme which teaches young learners about the challenges related to climate change, the need to reduce, reuse and recycle, and exposes them to business opportunities related to such practices.

“This award is dedicated to our agents and facilitators in the nine provinces who each serve as the face of JA South Africa – inspiring and encouraging the youth to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career.” Linda McClure, MD: JA South Africa, in acceptance of the award.

The aim of the Forging Enterprise 2015 event is to celebrate past achievements in the field, reflect on current practices and dialogue on future approaches to small business development in the country. Alongside the awards event, Osiba Management together with its partners, hosted the 11th Annual Meeting and Forum of the International Network for Small & Medium Enterprises (INSME), an international body based in Rome, Italy, that represents a growing international network of intermediaries that specialise in innovation and technology transfer and commercialisation in the small business field.



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