JA South Africa Youth Enterprise Development Programme – Impact Analysis and Report


JA South Africa provides engaging entrepreneurial programmes, which foster confident and empowered young people who are possibility seekers and creators of opportunities. Through these programmes, JA South Africa aims to contribute to meaningful economic participation by nurturing entrepreneurial thinking among young people. Over the course of several months, participants in theJA South Africa programme in South Africa were exposed to programmes aimed at training them on the basics of conducting various small business enterprises in the Gauteng Province. During the Youth Enterprise Development Programme – a 20 session incubator-style programme spanning three months – students are required to start up and run a business that will be sustainable, through on-going support, mentorship, and financing upon programme completion. The programme includes site visits, case studies, guest speakers, and an introduction to micro finance.1 One hundred fifteen (n-115) different small business enterprises were followed to determine the challenges and successes experienced unique to each. The growth of each entrepreneurial team was tracked during a series of follow-up phone calls over 6-month post-exposure periods (July – December 2013; September 2013 – March 2014), which was then disaggregated into individual indicators such as financial profit and loss, contextual challenges unique to each team, loss of original team members (attrition), changes in marketing strategies, changes in business plans and ideas, and overall promise for future successes.

Read the reports here






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