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JASA Alumnus Participates in The Power of 50


Keneilwe Motshoeneng is a vibrant young JA South Africa alumnus with a passion for entrepreneurship. She participated in the Mini Enterprise Programme when she was in Grade 10 and has gone on to complete several other JA South Africa programmes. Currently Keneilwe is studying towards her BTech and Business Administration degree and is running two companies: Keneilwe M Events and Pause Think and Reflect.

Recently Keneilwe identified an opportunity on the JA South Africa Facebook page. The opportunity was to participate in the Power of 50, an Umuzi Photo Club initiative, which aims to develop 50 talented young people to become the next generation of creative professionals. This innovative 12-month programme, combines essential artistic skills with on-the-job training and offers placement opportunities for all graduates within the professional, creative industry.

Keneilwe was inspired to apply for the programme as a result of the Film Making conference she attended in 2010 in Bulgaria with JA and the International Management Institute. Keneilwe says “The Umuzi Photo Club uses creativity to amplify the voices of the young and we, as the Power of 50, have the passion and creative drive to be the next generation of creative professionals. This is a 1 year course through Vega School of Brand Leadership, the Da Vinci Institute and Umuzi Photo Club. So far it’s been an enjoyable roll-coaster ride of hard work and fun. Our biggest project we are currently working on is the Ke Nna Mang exhibition which will be held on 23 October 2014.”